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The Best Local Patios

Now that the weather is warming up, local patios are a great place to go to meet and catch up with friends or grab a meal before a show or theatre performance. Our preferred property management company, Williams & McDaniel, offers Stratford apartments close to some of the best local patios and restaurants in town.  Today, we’ve compiled some of the city’s best spots and hidden treasures.
patio startsford
For those who love classic homemade Italian cuisine, the Taverna Pazzo Pizzeria offers delicious food and an inviting atmosphere at an affordable price. Located on 70 Ontario Street, a 30-minute walk from the apartments, this restaurant offers two different dining experiences under one roof. One option is the Pizzeria’s comfortable dining room located in Stratford’s oldest cellar and the other is Taverna’s quaint outdoor dining area located on Stratford’s main corner. If you are craving oysters, crab, lobster or perhaps house-made pastas, pizzas and, it is highly recommended that you pay Taverna a visit. During theatre season it’s a good idea to make reservations to ensure you can enjoy a delicious meal before watching the Stratford Festival’s magnificent theatre or musical performances. For those who want a late-night snack or are still hungry after the show, this pizzeria offers a late-night menu of mouthwatering food options.

Stratford is filled with restaurants that use local and fresh produce and the Country Food Co. is another delicious option to visit. Using only the best available produce from surrounding counties, this charming restaurant offers an assortment of healthy and tasty breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner items that you will not likely forget. Again less than five minutes away from Avon place, the extensive menu at Country Food Co. includes everything from sandwiches, salads, meat and vegetarian entrees, as well as freshly baked desserts and pies. The restaurant also takes custom orders for both dessert and savory pies. For those who prefer to create their own meal, there are a variety of a la carte dishes so that a unique dining experience can be built. Located at 8 Erie Street, features a picturesque flower-filled patio setting.

The Boathouse and Riverside patio is the perfect combination of the two previous restaurants with casual dining and a local focus on its ingredients. This restaurant is often described as a hidden gem of the city and it features the only riverside patio in all of Stratford. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the river while you enjoy an assortment of freshly prepared foods including back bacon on a bun, hamburgers, chicken on a bun and hot dogs and sausages. After dinner, adults and kids can enjoy a refreshing and cool ice cream cone while floating down the river thanks to the nearby boat rentals. The combination of delicious and affordable local food options and a beautiful patio overlooking the river make this a perfect location for the summer months. Located at 30 York Street, it is a 30-minute walk from the apartment complex.

Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with a variety of patios and scrumptious restaurants that are all within walking distance. Set in a park-like setting filled with character and a friendly atmosphere, these apartments located at 359-397 Railway Avenue offer first-class amenities, a vibrant community and a collection of unique social spaces to enjoy. For more information on Williams and McDaniel’s Stratford apartments, please click here.