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Temporary Decor Tips


Williams and McDaniel Apartments StratfordApartments are a great space to showcase your unique flair and eye for style. In most cases apartments are rented, which means that no drastic design or décor projects can be undertaken. Luckily for renters, there are numerous do-it-yourself and temporary decoration ideas and techniques available. These tricks will allow spaces to be transformed without investing a lot of time or money. For those who are looking for a way to customize their Avon Place apartment and want to avoid making any permanent alterations, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel has selected a few ideas to inspire you.


While painting walls may be too permanent for renters to commit to, there are a variety of ways to make your walls more eye-catching. DIY or ready-made removable wallpaper is one option that can be easily applied and easily removed without causing damage. For those who learn visually, the Borrowed Abode blog offers a step-by-step picture tutorial on “How to Temporarily Wallpaper a Rental apartment” once you have constructed or purchased your wall designs. Residents can also decorate their walls in an unconventional manner by using washi tape. This decorative Japanese tape can be used to create the illusion of painted stripes, cover lamp bases and light switches or to decorate appliances and furniture. Apartment Therapy’s “5 Ideas for Decorating with Washi Tape” will help get your creative juices flowing when it comes to designing the look of your space. Both ‘Wishy Washi’ and Etsy’s ‘The Washi Store’ offer a wide selection of the decorative tape that can be ordered online.   


If the thought of painting and wallpapering doesn’t appeal to you, removable wall tiles are a décor item worth looking in to. Tiles adhere to walls with easy-to-remove glue and will add texture, depth and artistic appeal to any surface. There are even variations of these tiles that can be used for floors. They cover existing floor space with chic and stylish tiles and when you move they can go with you. Pick up some of these tiles at the Stratford Home Hardware Building Centre, which is eight minutes away from the apartments or at Lowes located at 345 The Boardwalk only a 39-minute drive away from Avon Place.


Once you’ve got your walls decorated just the way you want them, you can always add some family photographs or paintings for a more personal touch. Mirrors also add a nice feel to any room and can make your rooms feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light. Avoid making marks and holes in your walls by using sticky backed coat hooks and picture hangers such as Command by 3M. These wall-friendly products can be easily removed, feature slick designs and specify the amount of weight that they can hold. If you’re unsure how to use 3M’s products, you can visit their ‘Smart Ideas’ page to supercharge your inspiration. Located at 477 Huron Street Giant Tiger’s House and Home Department features framed art, wall clocks and wall stickers that will liven up your living space. It is a convenient six-minute drive from Avon Place. Located just seven minutes away at 1067 Ontario Street, Colesis another destination for adorable vases, colorful pillows or unique tabletop accessories.


Thanks to temporary decorating techniques, renters don’t need to sacrifice the style and design of their apartments. With these temporary décor tips up your sleeve there should be no excuse or reason why you can’t have a perfectly customized apartment. The Avon Place apartments located at 359-397 Railway Avenue are less than five minutes away by car. With apartments that are perfectly situated within a beautiful and serene community, Williams and McDaniel’s Stratford apartments and the areas that surround them are a stunning choice for renters.