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Digital tools for at-home workouts


apartments for rent in Stratford, fitness, technology, apartment livingIn recent years, technology has become an integral component of exercise and fitness.  Digital weight loss tools and programs now replace traditional visits to the gym and large workout classes. Individuals can now conduct their workouts in the comfort of their Stratford apartments and skip the trek to the gym. Today, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel has selected some digital tools that allow you to exercise at your own pace and strength level in the peaceful and familiar surroundings of your apartment.


Weight Watchers Punch! Kit


For those looking for a workout that infuses punches, squats and kicks into its program, the Weight Watchers Punch! Kit is an ideal option. This low-impact workout features boxing-inspired moves and actions that will burn calories and sculpt your body. The Punch! Program incorporates weighted boxing-style gloves that enhance the benefits of aerobic activity without straining muscles with heavy weights. Each kit includes a set of long-lasting neoprene gloves and a DVD that features three fun and effective workouts. Choose from a 30-minute beginner workout, a 35-minute intermediate workout or 40 minutes for the advanced workout. Designed specifically for Weight Watchers members, this high-energy workout is a great program that is also easy on your joints. Individuals can order this product online from or visit Walmart located at 330 Clarke Road, a 33-minute drive away from the Avon Place apartments, for other Weight Watchers products.



Thin in 10


If you find it hard to fit a workout into your busy day, the Thin in 10 program will help you make the most of your time. Certified fitness and lifestyle expert Jessica Smith and award-winning health and fitness professional Liz Neporent offer an intense workout option that will transform your body in no time at all. The fast-paced, 60-minute DVD offers an intense workout that will definitely get your heart pumping. In addition to the DVD, the program features easy-to-follow photos and instructions that will help you change your body and your lifestyle. The book, which compliments this program, is filled with inspirational stories, fat-burning exercises and let’s not forget healthy and delicious easy-to-prepare recipes. For those who prefer to dance away the pounds, The 10 Minute Solution: Dance Your Body Thin has developed five easy-to-follow dance-inspired workouts that are just 10 minutes in length. Individuals can split them up into five separate workouts or enjoy the ultimate 50-minute dance-inspired workout. Achieve a thinner and trimmer body while also picking up some new dance tips and moves. The 10 Minute Solution DVD is available at Walmart located 33 minutes away from the apartments at 359-397 Railway Avenue.


Wii Fit


You won’t even remember that you’re doing a workout when you use the Wii Fit Plus. For those who are looking to infuse a little fun and entertainment into their daily exercises, this compact system does the trick. Play sports, improve balance and enhance your strength with this system’s variety of games and activities. If you already have the Wii Fit, you can expand upon it with Wii Fit Plus, which is filled with new exercises and tools that allow you to create customized routines. Individuals can keep detailed records of their workouts and calories burned so they can track their progress and improvement over a period time. Best Buy located on 215 Fairway Road South and Future Shop located on 1400 Ottawa Street South currently stock the Wii Fit, its accessories and games. The stores are located less than 30 minutes away from the Stratford apartments.
With an assortment of effective heart-pumping activities and programs that can be done in the comfort of bright and spacious apartment space, residents no longer need to visit the gym. However, if you do feel like stretching your legs, the 359-397 Railway Avenue apartments are surrounded by lush, green landscapes that offer up a perfect place for a leisurely stroll or fast-paced jog.