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Find affordable art for your walls in Stratford

Stratford Apartments, Apartments Stratford , Apartments for Rent in Stratford , Stratford apartment rentals, Apartments in Stratford , Apartment rentals in Stratford , Stratford Apartments for RentLiven up your apartment walls and add your personal flair to the space by investing and creating different types of art. While original artwork can be quite pricey, DIY versions can save some money. To help residents of the Avon Place Apartments make their Stratford apartment walls more radiant, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some DIY suggestions for local shops where you can purchase art or the supplies you need to create it.


DIY Gold Leaf

Do Home Improvement’s DIY Gold Leaf art is an inexpensive and stylish way to incorporate fall décor into your apartment. This project will take you less than an hour, but the results will look like something you purchased in a home décor boutique. Gold paint, a paint brush, frames and leaves are all you need to create this craft and you can always play around with colors. Purchase the paint, paintbrushes and frames at MacPherson Arts & Crafts located at 91 Queen Street East, which is a 21-minute drive from the Stratford Apartments.


Murals In Metal

Jim Dawe, the man behind Murals in Metal, has a passion for art. Creating metal sculptures from photographs, everyday life, cars, animals and almost everything else, Jim says, “If it can be drawn, we can create it in metal.” Most of the murals are custom ordered, but there are a variety of different projects that Jim proudly displays at the store. Drop by the store at 42422 Huron Road, which is a 45-minute drive from the Avon Place Apartments, and take a look at pieces that might be the perfect fit for your apartment’s walls.


DIY CD Jewels

If you thought that CD jewel cases were only good for holding your favourite tunes, this tutorial by Photo Jojo proves otherwise. This clever DIY utilizes CD jewel cases as photo frames that can be rearranged and refilled to fill up those bare walls. Make sure you have photographs, CD cases, cardboard, scissors, a ruler, tape and Velcro tape on hand before you start this DIY. This project is especially great for renters, as it won’t leave any marks or damage on apartment walls.


DIY Eye Chart

While eye charts are commonly found at the optometrists, this Domestic Superhero DIY eye chart makes them appropriate for your apartment. Get creative and include the names of your family members, song lyrics or quotes that you like or keep things completely random with the letter selection. To make things even simpler, use the site’s Custom Eye Chart Maker and simply input the characters you want to use.


DIY Framed Scarf Art

Make use of those scarves you never wear or pick one up from the local thrift store to create Honey Sweet Home’s Framed Scarf Art. You need to iron the scarf out, cut the sections of the scarf you want to appear in the frame and stretch it behind a frame. This simple tutorial will have you decorating your walls without spending a large sum of cash. Save that money for new clothes…or scarves.
Decorating your apartment doesn’t have to be an expensive task with these DIY versions of your favourite store-bought pieces. Drop by the craft store, gather the materials and create artwork that you will be proud to show off. Located at 359-397 Railways Avenue, Williams and McDaniel’s Avon Place Apartments are nestled into the charming and artistic city of Stratford and offer prospective residents an ideal place to rent.