Where to find fine art in Stratford

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Gallery Stratford (54 Romeo Street South) is less than five kilometres from Avon Place Apartments (359-397 Railway Avenue). As one of Ontario’s longest operating public art galleries, Gallery Stratford features changing exhibits of contemporary visual art with a focus on regional and Canadian art. The gallery has three exhibition spaces, a studio and a shop, and is fun for all ages.


Agora Gallery (17 Market Place) is even closer to Avon Place, with just a five-minute drive between the two. Agora Gallery is home to Stratford’s fine art, featuring work by both established and emerging artists. Here, you’ll find everything from paintings and drawings to photography and sculpture.


Gallery Indigena (69 Ontario Street) is Stratford’s epicentre for Canadian indigenous art. Some of its masterpieces include Inuit sculpture, Iroquois paintings and North West Coast wood art. This one-of-a-kind gallery is only two kilometres from the centrally-located Avon Place Apartments.


Stratford Art in the Park (Lakeside Drive between Front and North Street) is a quick three kilometres from Avon Place Apartments, and features some of Stratford’s finest local artists in a uniquely Canadian outdoor show that’s been running for nearly 50 years. Art in the Park runs every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. until the last weekend in September.


Whether you want to take a peek at one of these interesting places or take a tour of all four, Williams and McDaniel hopes you enjoy your artful experience (and you never know — you just might learn a thing or two!).